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Occupational Hygiene Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, thus helping you find the best solutions in the most cost-effective manner. Askham Consulting's experienced occupational hygiene staff are professionally registered with the Southern African Institute for Occupational Hygiene (SAIOH), giving you peace of mind regarding our professional competence.  We care about our clients and their employees as much as we do about our own business.

IAQ Sampler - Particulate Monitor.jpg

Real-time Particulate Counting

We provide real-time monitoring of particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) concentrations in the air, including particulate counting of dust fractions from 0.3µm-10µm particle size. We also conduct monitoring of clean rooms.
In addition, we can monitor levels of airborne combustible dust such as agricultural dust, carbonaceous, chemical, metal, plastic and wood dust.

Radon Gas Monitor.jpg

Radon Gas Detection

(Commercial & Residential Buildings)

Radon levels can be calculated as average ratios per day or week; including the determination of the cumulative Radon concentration value for a whole year. Radon surveys have become an important aspect in real estate sales and purchases in many countries. Our professional team can help you with such measurements.  


Thermal Stress Assessments

Thermal Stress (Heat & Cold) surveys are conducted to evaluate the risk of personnel to ill-health effects caused by an inadequate thermal environments.

Thermal stress surveys at workplaces should be conducted where a risk assessment identifies such requirement. 

Surveys are conducted as per Sections 2(1) and 2(4) of the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces, OHSAct, 1993. Is your workplace compliant? Give us a call today for a free quotation.

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Confined Space Entry Gas Testing

CSE is considered a life critical activity due to the inherent risks associated with working within confined environments. Gas testing for hazardous atmospheres before and during entries forms a critical part at ensuring the safety of entrants. Our team of professionals have extensive experience to train our clients employees on the correct use of portable gas detection equipment, best practice testing methods for CSE work, including the interpretation of such results to make informed decisions.

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Fumehood Testing

A fume hood performance testing process is critical at ensuring the proper function of a laboratory ventilation system. Both quantitative and qualitative test methods are required for evaluating fume containment of laboratory fume hoods. Ventilation surveys must be conducted at intervals not exceeding 24 months by an approved inspection authority as per Regulation 12(b) of the Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Substances, OHSAct, 1993.  Is your workplace compliant? Give us a call today for a free quotation.


Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Many issues can affect building air quality, e.g. volatile organic compounds, aldehydes (formaldehyde), airborne particulates/dusts, bacteria, moulds & spores, including environmental parameters such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide,  humidity and indoor temperature and ventilation rate. At Askham Consulting we provide a range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services.

VeriPro Earplug Fit Tester

Earplug Fit Testing

Earplug Fit Testing makes it easy to get an accurate, real-world picture of your employees’ hearing protection effectiveness. We provide onsite testing & training to enhance your hearing  program.


Asbestos Sampling & Management

We conduct asbestos surveys to establish whether buildings and/or applications contain any asbestos and under what conditions it can be safely removed. We also provide project management support to clients during asbestos remediation & demolition projects, including clearance inspections & air sampling after demolition to see if the work has been executed properly and to determine if the area is safe to occupy.​

HazCom Pictogram.png

HCS Management

We have a wide range of experiences in helping companies get a grip on the management of hazardous chemicals at their premises. 

Services range from the development of site-specific ‘Hazard Communication Programs’, implementation of GHS, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and work processes for managing the entry of all hazardous chemicals into client facilities. We help facilities establish PPE technical specifications used for procurement and inventory management.


OHS Training

Training or upskilling workers is the greatest investment for achieving a competitive business advantage in this era of globalization. We can provide bespoke in-house training and/or mentoring on the following OHS processes; the safe use of chemical protective clothing, respiratory protective equipment, occupational hygiene sampling techniques, and confined space entry procedures that match our customers operational requirements.


Noise Surveys

Exposure to high levels of noise causes noise-induced hearing loss. Noise surveys for hearing conservation purposes are conducted in accordance with the ‘Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Regulations, 2003’, as promulgated under the OHSAct, 1993 (Act No.85 of 1993). The regulations stipulate that noise surveys be conducted at intervals not exceeding 24 months.


Respirator Fit Testing

A respirator can't protect you if it doesn't fit your face. It's that simple. We provide a quantitative fit testing service at your premises to ensure your employees are adequately protected.


Lighting Intensity Surveys

Lighting at work is important to the health and safety of everyone using the workplace.  The quicker and easier it is to see a hazard, the more easily it is avoided.  The types of hazard present at work therefore determine the lighting requirements for safe operation. 

Lighting surveys must be conducted as per Section 3 of the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces, OHSAct, 1993.  Is your workplace compliant? Give us a call today for a free quotation.  

Lead Paint.jpg

Lead-Based Paint

Lead-in-paint is banned in most countries.  Exposure of workers and children to toxic Lead (Pb) can lead to serious health effects. Does your home or workplace contain any Lead that you may not be aware of? Let us use our experience in conducting lead-based paint (LBP) inspections, risk assessment, and monitoring to assist you identify and manage your Lead exposure risks.


OHS System Auditing

Our auditing services include assisting companies to understand and meet their regulatory OHS compliance requirements. We also conduct occupational hygiene technical and management system audits according to ISO/IEC 17020:2012. We also develop Quality Management System (QMS) work processes for our clients in compliance with ISO 17020:2012. In addition, we offer client support during third party regulatory audits where no internal resources are available for such tasks.

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